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Airline Partners - Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

From its headquarters in Dublin, Aer Lingus flies over 80 routes to and from the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, and to four destinations in the United States.

When flying on eligible Aer Lingus fares and flights with an EI flight number, you can:

Earning Points

Earn points when flying on eligible fares and flights.

  Business Economy Discount Economy
Booking class CDJ Y BHKLMNOQV
Points Base earn rate (per mile or 1.609km) 1 1 0.7
Cabin bonus 25%  -  -


  • Points are not earned when travelling in classes other than those specified.
  • Cabin bonus is applied to the base earn rate for each individual flight you take.
  • Points are not earned on codeshare flights operated by an airline other than Qantas.
Using Points

You can use your points on Aer Lingus for a:

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Last updated 1 July 2014.