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Qantas Freight Facilities

Qantas Freight operates handling facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Los Angeles, while in Cairns and Adelaide, our freight is handled by our joint venture operation, Australian air Express. At all other ports Qantas Freight is handled by appointed agents.

At Qantas Freight we are committed to an ongoing program to continually upgrade and expand these facilities to meet the expectations of our customers.

Terminal Facilities
Across the network a variety of facilities for cargo requiring special handling are available including:
  • Cool rooms and freezers for perishables
  • Warm rooms for tropical fish and other live animals vulnerable to cold weather
  • Strongrooms and safes for security storage of valuable cargo shipments
  • Dry ice and wet ice for re-icing
  • A range of equipment (such as forklifts, cranes and reach trucks) for loading
For further information regarding the availability of these facilities within individual ports, please contact the local handling agent.
Los Angeles
Sydney Freight Sydney
The Qantas Sydney International Freight Terminal is strategically located in the heart of Sydney International Airport. As the major hub in the Qantas worldwide network it is a highly capable and secure operation which currently handles more freight than any other facility in Australia.

Recent initiatives at Sydney International Freight Terminal have focused on improving freight delivery times through improved export facilities, the introduction of three new import bypass lanes and expanded cool-room facilities. These developments will also enhance its ability to cope with future growth.

At Sydney Airport, express goods and airmail are processed through the Express and Mail Handling Units. These are highly efficient, custom-built units for priority handling of express and airmail shipments.

Express Handling Unit
Qantas Freight has recognised the importance of the express segments of the freight industry and has invested in a specialised Express Handling Unit at Sydney International Airport.

This facility has been custom-designed to process the high volumes of express products shipped between Australia and Asia, the U.S.A and the United Kingdom. It has all the necessary equipment and procedures in place, to ensure your express product reaches its market quickly and efficiently.

Mail Handling Unit
Combining an extensive international network, frequent flights and dedicated airmail capacity, the Mail Handling Unit in Sydney allows Qantas Freight to service all airmail requirements into and out of Australia.

Qantas Freight recently invested $1.5 million in extending the Mail Handling Unit to provide additional security and increased working area.

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The Qantas Melbourne Freight Terminal currently provides a reliable air freight service to Victorian importers and exporters.

At Melbourne Airport, we recently commenced work on a major redevelopment of the International Freight Terminal. Already the largest at Tullamarine, the terminal will be the most modern air freight facility in Victoria when the upgrade is completed in late 2001.

The progressive redevelopment will include construction of additional docks and multiple access lanes, additional build up and break down stations, development of a dedicated express and mail handling facility, doubling of coolroom capacity, a container park, additional security measures and a queue management system for faster service.

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Brisbane Freight Brisbane
In July 1997, Qantas Freight invested $21m in building a modern freight terminal to serve the growing air freight market in Brisbane. This development has allowed Qantas Freight customers to benefit from more efficient handling and faster delivery times.

With a greater capacity to meet anticipated future growth in international air freight demand, this new facility demonstrates Qantas Freight’s ongoing commitment to providing a high level of service to its customers.

The Brisbane International Freight Terminal’s features include rapid transfer of goods at both delivery and acceptance with multiple docks and bays, easy road and airside access and substantial coolroom storage facilities. Completely undercover, its huge operational area provides maximum protection for our customers’ freight.

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Conveniently located adjacent to the Customs and Freight Forwarder Complex, the Perth International Freight Terminal is a purpose-built, efficient operation, providing West Australian importers and exporters access to the world’s key business markets via the extensive Qantas route network.

This modern and fully mechanised terminal operates 24 hours a day and boasts a number of custom-built facilities. These include an elevating transfer vehicle (ETV) handling system, multi-level ULD container and storage system, coolroom and freezer facilities, by-pass lanes, multiple truck bays and break-down and build-up areas and electronic links with Australian Customs.

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Los Angeles Freight Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Freight Terminal is Qantas Freight’s most recent investment in its own specialised handling facility. Illustrating our commitment to the U.S.A as an important global market, the terminal provides all our customers with greater benefits through enhanced control and efficiency.

The key operational facilities at Los Angeles International Freight Terminal include an elevating transfer vehicle (ETV) handling system, by-pass lanes, multiple build-up and break down stations, a dedicated express lane, a customs automated manifest system, multiple truck docks with hydraulic dock levellers and cool room facilities.

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