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We understand your pet is an important member of the family, and just like people, pets need to travel as quickly and as comfortably as possible. You can book with us when:

Q-GO Pets include…

Dogs (excluding racing greyhounds), cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, domestic fish with no aeration requirements and are not intended for resale, and domestic birds (maximum 4 birds per cage) that don’t need a permit to travel. All other animals can travel with our Q-GO Animals service.

Flights within Australia
Our domestic pet pack outlines everything you need to know for when your pet is travelling within Australia.

International travel
Read our international pet pack to find out how you can prepare for your pet’s overseas flights.

We strongly recommend you use a specialised pet transportation company for international travel.

Many companies are available at the international gateways we service. Their contact details can be found online. Just mention you’d like your pet to travel on a Qantas aircraft when you reach out to them. These companies will ensure your compliance with origin, transit point and destination quarantine requirements, vet checks and appropriate containers for shipping are taken care of for you.

The following documents are useful when preparing your pet’s travel.

If you’d like help making your booking or want to find out more about our Pets service, contact us on 13 12 13.