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Qantas Freight and AaE

A number of changes have been made to to integrate both Australian Domestic and International Qantas Freight product and service offerings.

Effective 01 August 2014, this menu page/location will no longer be available to reference or be bookmarked. The functions listed below have been moved to other locations within Please begin to familiarise yourself with the new locations listed.

Australian Domestic Online Tools

Australian Domestic Online Tools can now be accessed from two locations.

Home Page
Far left of the home page screen, there's an Australian Domestic menu tab below the Baggage menu tab.

Select the Australian Domestic menu and here you will see the same links listed below: Tracking, eShipment, eCopy, Q-GO Priority Request Form, Live Animal Booking Form, and Q-GO Pets information.

My Freight Online Tools
Top right corner of all screens, there's a My Freight Online Tools menu tab.

Select this menu to see a direct link to: Tracking.

Alternatively, if you select Register or Login, you will see a link to: eShipment, eCopy and Q-GO Priority Request Form and the option to Register or Login.

Qantas Freight Australian Domestic Contact Form

Home Page
Top right of all screens, there's a Customer Service menu tab.

Select this menu to see a direct link to: Enquiries. Once selected, choose the category Air Freight within Australia to submit your Australian Domestic enquiry.

Conditions of Carriage

Home Page
Top left of all screens, there's an Air Freight Products menu tab.

Once selected, our complete range of air freight products will be listed with a link to the Australian Domestic Conditions of Carriage.

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