Live Animal Booking

Live Animal Booking Request

This form is a booking request for live animal transport with Qantas Domestic Freight and its affiliated airlines. Qantas Freight offers an airport-to-airport service, and animals must be dropped off and collected at our airport freight terminals. Charges are payable on lodgement of your animal at the Freight terminal.

Online booking requests MUST be submitted a minimum of three business day (72 hours) prior to the targeted departure flight. Live animal booking requests are processed during business hours 9:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri AEST. Requests lodged outside business hours will be processed the next business day.

For urgent booking requests (less than three full business day before departure) please call 13 12 13.

Qantas Freight's carriage of live animals on aircraft is undertaken in compliance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations.

Further information regarding carriage of live animals can be obtained from Select Air Freight Products menu; followed by Q-GO Pets or Q-GO Animals.

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Departure Flight Details:

Preferred Lodgement Time (for unaccompanied travel)

Preferred lodgement time MUST be at least 90 minutes prior to flight departure but no greater than 2 hours and during respective port opening hours. Refer to Locations for opening hours. Qantas Freight will endeavour to book the closest flight to your preferred lodgement time.

Lodgement Time(hh:mm)

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Return Flight Required?

Additional Information:

Please ensure the flights selected comply with Qantas Domestic Freight port opening hours. For details on port opening hours please refer to Locations.

For multi-leg journeys, a minimum of 90 minutes transit time between connecting flights is required.

If there is no capacity available on your preferred flight, a Qantas Freight Customer Service consultant will contact you to discuss alternatives.

If you are travelling with your pet, proof of passenger travel is required at the Qantas Domestic Freight Terminal/Counter at the time of lodgement. A Boarding Pass/Ticket or Travel Itinerary is adequate proof of travel. The travelling passenger must be the person lodging the animal.

If you require a costing estimate, please request this in the Additional Information field below. Pricing is not guaranteed until the day of travel when the freight carriage is inspected and weighed accordingly. If an estimate is provided, costing is indicative only.
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