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Business Rewards

To earn Aquire Points on eligible Qantas Freight products, please follow this three step process.

1. Learn how your business can earn Aquire Points when purchasing Qantas Freight products
2. Register with Aquire here then
3. Notify Qantas Freight after you have joined Aquire here and we will advise if your business is eligible to earn Aquire Points

Qantas Freight Business Rewards


1. Qantas Freight Business Rewards

Learn how your business may qualify to earn Aquire Points when you purchase eligible Qantas Freight products including full terms and conditions.


2. Register first with Aquire

Aquire - Australia's business rewards program.


3. Notify Qantas Freight once you have joined Aquire

Advise Qantas Freight of your Aquire join date.