Airbus 330-300

Airbus 330-300

Seat Map for Configuration:

Maximum Take-off Weight 212,000kg/467,380lb
Wing Span 60.30m/197.83ft
Overall Length 63.7m/208.68ft
Vertical Fin Height 16.84m/55.25ft
Cabin Width 5.28m/17.32ft
Wing Area 362m2/3893ft2
Average Cruise Speed 880km/h (547mph)
Cruise Altitude 28,000-39,000ft
Maximum Fuel Capacity 97,530l/27,760gal
Range With Full Payload 7,000km/3,800m
Freight Capacity 14,500kg/31,900lb
Volumetric Payload 47,400kg/104,500lb
Maximum Thrust 287kN/64,500lb
Engines General Electric CF6-80E1A2

The Airbus 330-300 aircraft offers a two-class, Business and Economy, service.

Aircraft Features

The unique features of this aircraft include:

Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD)

With Audio and Video on Demand the control is in your hands. You can choose to start, pause, fast forward and stop any of our 300 audio and video programs whenever you like.

High comfort, ergonomically design seats

Skybed, our Business class bed, offers a sleek, contemporary design and a range of innovative features that provide maximum comfort, convenience and flexibility.

In Economy, our ergonomically designed slimline seats have built in lumbar support and manually adjustable wings in the headrests for head and neck support.

Enhanced cabin design offering more personal space

Due to the wide, twin aisle cross section you will have increased elbow and head room. Plus, a significant increase in overhead stowage space and intelligent lighting systems all contribute to a relaxing and welcoming cabin atmosphere.

The quietest cabin in the sky

With the quietest cabin in the sky, you can relax and enjoy your own time or choose to be entertained.

Better for the environment

Cutting edge technology, composite materials and new-generation engines mean that the aircraft is lighter, quieter and burns less fuel.

Configurations can vary from service to service and are subject to change without notice.
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