Aquire, Australia's Business Rewards Program



Aquire is Australia's business rewards program aimed at helping your business improve its bottom line#. With a wide range of partners, including Westpac, GIO Business Insurance and Deloitte Private, your business could earn Aquire Points* on everyday business expenses. Aquire Points could be converted to Qantas Points^ and redeemed to reward your travellers or yourself - with flights and upgrades, Qantas Club membership and more◊.


For any eligible Qantas flight you book before 16 November 2014, for business travel from now until 31 December 2014, your business will earn double Aquire Points

Unlock Qantas Points for your business

  • Your business could earn Aquire Points every time you and your travellers fly on eligible Qantas flights+
  • Your business' Aquire points can be converted to Qantas Points at a rate of 1:1 into any Qantas Frequent Flyer account
  • Your travellers will still earn Qantas Points and Status Credits~ as they normally would
  • Reward yourself or your travellers with flights, flight upgrades, gifts and more…

Choose how you book Qantas flights for your business

Whether it be through, your travel agent or via our Qantas Contact Centres

Just remember to:

  • Add your business' ABN to every booking and;
  • Add your traveller's Qantas Frequent Flyer number to every booking as well

View Qantas Earn Examples to see how your business and your travellers could earn.

Important Information
˅ The 20,000 bonus Aquire Points offer is only valid for new Aquire Members who ; a) register their ABN for Aquire between 12.01am (AEDT) 9 October and 11.59pm (AEDT) 16 November 2014 (Promotion Period) at and b) earn with an Aquire partner during the Promotion Period. 10,000 Aquire Points will be awarded to any new Member that joins between 9 October 2014 and 16 November 2014. An additional 10,000 bonus Aquire Points will be awarded to any new Member that earns with an Aquire partner during the Promotion Period. The bonus Aquire Points for joining and for the first earn with a new partner will be fulfilled in separate batches as per the following conditions; a) the 10,000 bonus Aquire Points for joining may take up to 8 weeks after a business joins Aquire to be credited to the membership account; b) the 10,000 bonus Aquire Points for first earn with an Aquire partner or, for existing Members who earn with a new Aquire Partner, will be credited to the Members' Aquire account within 8 weeks after the Aquire Points earned with the partner appear in the members' Aquire account. Refer to the applicable partner's terms and conditions as Aquire Points fulfilment timings may vary. Any additional bonus Aquire Points earned from individual partner offers will be credited separately as per the applicable partner's terms and conditions.
# We recommend you consult your accountant or tax adviser to ensure you understand possible tax implications, for example fringe benefits tax (if applicable).
* A business must be an Aquire Member to earn Aquire Points. A $50 join fee applies. An annual membership fee of $179 (inclusive of GST), will also apply, but this will be waived for the first year for businesses who join Aquire on or before 31 March 2015. Aquire Points are offered under Qantas' terms and conditions. Aquire membership and Aquire Points are subject to the Aquire terms and conditions. Minimum earning thresholds and eligibility conditions apply.
^ You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn and redeem Qantas Points. Membership and the earning and redemption of Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions. A joining fee may apply. The number of Aquire Points earned may be limited and subject to minimum thresholds.
** The double Aquire Points offer is only valid for Aquire Members who: (1) Book an eligible Qantas flight between 12.01am (AEST) 09.10.2014 and 11.59pm (AEST) 16.11.2014, (2) quote registered Aquire ABN and travellers' Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number at the time of booking; and (3) travel is taken between 12.01am (AEST) 09.10.2014 and 11.59pm (AEST) 31.12.2014. The bonus Aquire Points may take up to 8 weeks after travel has been completed on each eligible flight to be credited to your business' Aquire account. A business that has a Corporate Airfares or rebate agreement with Qantas; or is a travel agent, travel wholesaler, travel consolidator or other seller or re-seller of air travel, is not eligible for this offer.
◊ For more information on redeeming Qantas Points for flights, flight upgrades, hotels and other redemption options click here. Qantas Points can be used to redeem Classic Award and Any Seat Award seats. These are available on selected flights, availability is limited and booking conditions apply. Additional taxes, fees and carrier charges may apply. More information is available at Classic Awards and Any Seat Awards.
+ An eligible flight means a domestic or international flight which has a Qantas 'QF' flight number on the ticket that is purchased in Australia; is operated by Qantas, Emirates or American Airlines; has a ticket number commencing with '081'; and is booked and travelled for business on or after the date the business registers for Aquire. Exclusions apply.
~ Status Credits determine your Frequent Flyer membership level. Qantas Points and Status Credits may not be earned on some fare types and booking classes.