Check-in seat selection

Complimentary from 24 hours before departure
Check-in Seat Selection
Check-in Seat Selection

Select your seats at no extra charge on international flights from 24 hours up to 2 hours using online check-in, or on domestic flights from 24 hours up to 1 hour using online check-in or up to 45 minutes using mobile check-in. Seats can also be selected at the airport check-in Kiosks from 6 hours before departure up until the flight closes.

If you do not request a seat in advance, and you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member and have stored a seat preference in your Qantas Frequent Flyer profile, your seat will be allocated based on your preference from remaining available seats.

Once check-in opens, you can choose where you want to sit on online check-in or via the Check-in Kiosks at the airport.

To check in at

  1. Wait until 24 hours before your departure time.
  2. Retrieve your booking through Manage Your Booking or Frequent Flyer Your Bookings.
  3. Select 'Online Check-in'.
  4. Select a passenger.
  5. Select Flight.
  6. Select the seat from the seat map (where available).
  7. Print your boarding pass.

Ensure you take your Boarding Pass and your Qantas Booking Reference number with you to the airport.

To check in on mobile

Mobile seat selection
  1. Wait until 24 hours before your departure time.
  2. Retrieve your booking through Domestic Check-in or Frequent Flyer Your Bookings.
  3. Tap 'Check-in'.
  4. If more than one customer is travelling select those you wish to check-in.
  5. Once checked-in tap the seat change icon to display the seat map
  6. Select your new seat(s) from the seat map.
  7. Your boarding pass will be delivered by SMS.


Check in Seat Selection is available only on Qantas international flights QF1 - 199 and Qantas domestic flights QF400 - 1349 (excluding QantasLink services). On QantasLink services you can request a preference for an aisle or window seat.

Important Information
1. Passengers will still be required to check-in before their flight departure.
2. Check-in for passengers seated in Exit Row Seats is only available at airport check-in counters.
3. Seat requests cannot be guaranteed as they may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.
4. Passengers who wish to sit next to each other but have made separate bookings will need to request their seat independently.
5. For privacy reasons, Qantas is not able to advise the seat selection of other passengers.
6. Passengers who have specific seating requirements such as passengers travelling with a wheelchair, may still request a seat online but should also call our Contact Centre directly to ensure they are allocated a seat per their specific need.