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Scam phone calls purporting to be from Qantas

We are aware that some customers are receiving automated phone calls purporting to be from Qantas. These calls are not from us, and can easily be identified as unauthentic. Qantas consultants will always call customers directly to discuss their bookings and do not use an automated phone system when contacting customers proactively.

Recipients are advised not to provide personal details or respond to the automated prompts.

Scammers use a range of mechanisms, including "harvesting" programs that scour numerous sources on the Internet, to look for customer information. It is also often the case that the recipients of the scam are not customers of the company purporting to make the phone call - which is why individuals who are not necessarily Qantas customers might have also received a phone call.

Authorities have been advised of the scam calls and are investigating.

Further information about the automated scam calls can be found on the SCAMwatch website.

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