Engineering and Maintenance

Qantas Engineering and Maintenance experience dates back to when the airline first commenced operations in 1920. Since then, Engineering and Maintenance has gained nearly as many years experience in contract work. The Engineering and Maintenance branch employs some 6,000 personnel (from a total airline staff of about 30,000).

From humble beginnings in the Australian outback, Qantas Airways has succeeded in establishing a reputation as one of the worlds most efficient Airlines.

Engineering Support

Engineering Support

With the experience gained in maintaining Qantas' own fleet of over 130 Aircraft, we can respond to Customer Airline requirements with flexibility and an understanding of operators concerns and constraints.

Qantas is at the leading edge of technological development, constantly improving our products, processes and systems. Focusing on continuous improvements/worlds best practice, striving to become the most cost efficient operation in the Airline industry. These continual improvements benefit Operators utilising Qantas Engineering services.

Aircraft Operators seeking a Quality Service at a competitive price, should contact Qantas for Engineering Support.

Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Maintenance

Qantas Engineering and Maintenance is an integral part of that reputation, providing world class engineering standards on a solid foundation of Safety, Quality, Reliability and Service.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in aviation maintenance, with collectively the largest and most sophisticated technical facilities in the southern hemisphere, Qantas Engineering and Maintenance has long been considered an industry leader as a source of standards in engineering excellence.

With the One Stop Shop total maintenance concept, Qantas Engineering and Maintenance offer a competitive, cost conscious, comprehensive range of Engineering, Maintenance, Inventory, Training and Support Services for B747, B767 and B737 Aircraft, Engines and Components. Qantas Engineering's highly skilled, experienced and motivated technical workforce, supported by extensive, complementary facilities located in Melbourne and Sydney, enable Qantas to provide an on time, cost competitive, quality product.


Qantas Engineering is able to provide complete maintenance and overhaul services for a wide range of different aircraft types. These are performed in maintenance facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.

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