Program Overview

It's natural to fly carbon neutral

What is 'Fly Carbon Neutral'?

Qantas is committed to reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. With our Fly Carbon Neutral program, you can neutralise or offset your share of flight emissions each time you fly with the Qantas Group. And you can make a difference for less than you'd think.

Each time you voluntarily offset your carbon emissions, your money is passed to projects verified by Australian Government approved organisations.

View our Where Does Your Money Go page for more information on the carbon projects that receive your money.

Qantas pays for all administrative costs associated with the program and all funds received from passengers are used to purchase Australian Government approved carbon offsets. We pass on all funds contributed and do not profit from this initiative. In addition, under the same program Qantas offsets employee business flights and our ground vehicle emissions.

Carbon Price Mechanism vs Carbon Offset

When you offset your flight emissions under our Fly Carbon Neutral scheme, you are voluntarily choosing to neutralise your share of carbon emissions for either your domestic or international flight.

In contrast, the Australian Government's Carbon Price imposes an obligation on large emitters of carbon (such as Qantas) to purchase and surrender a certain number of 'carbon units' based on the level of carbon emissions. This does not offset your flight emissions. Instead, the carbon price acts as a financial incentive for companies to reduce their emissions over the long term, and therefore reduce their carbon price liability. The airline industry can reduce its carbon liability through action such as improving fuel efficiency and switching to Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

In short, our Fly Carbon Neutral program allows you to offset your emissions on your next flight, and is purely voluntary. The carbon price does not allow you to offset your next flight, but it does drive a structural change in the behaviour of companies to reduce their emissions.

We believe our Fly Carbon Neutral program offers a simple, effective and transparent way of achieving a lower carbon future today.

Certified by the Australian Government

We were the first airline to have our carbon offset program certified and independently verified under the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard - Carbon NeutralTM Program.

We Carefully Choose our Carbon Offsets

Our carbon offsets are purchased through reputable offset providers, such as Climate Friendly, who is a founding member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance.

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