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Step 7 - Confirmation

The confirmation page contains important information about your booking.

At the top of the page, you'll see your booking reference. You will need to quote this reference when accessing your flights online at or when talking to one of our consultants. You can also use your booking reference to check in online.

Booking reference

From the 'Add to Your Booking' panel, you can add other items to your trip such as Advance Seat Selection and Additional Baggage Allowance, if your booking is eligible. Click on the 'Manage Your Booking' button to add items to your trip.

Add to booking panel

The 'Consider Before You Travel' panel includes links to things you might like to do before you travel, such as check in online, change your flight, add special meals to your flight or book a hotel in your destination. The availability of these items is subject to your flight and fare type.

Before your departure

The 'Your Trip' panel shows details of your booking.

The Flights section displays flight dates and times, origin and destination, flight number, fare type, travel class and the price displayed in the currency of the booking region.

To view your full flight details, click on the 'Full flight details' link.

Your flight details

If you have added a car to your booking, the Car section displays details for each car booked and includes pick-up and drop-off locations and details, car provider, car type and the price. Prices are displayed in the currency of the pick-up location that you will be charged in upon pick-up, and the display currency shown in brackets for information purposes.

If you have added travel insurance or carbon offset to your booking, the details and prices are displayed. Click on the 'Full insurance details' link to view more details on your travel insurance.

If you have redeemed points for carbon offset, only the points value displays.

Travel Insurance and Carbon Panel

If you would like to view or manage your booking online, click on the 'Manage your booking' button.

If you would like to make another booking click on the 'Make another booking' button.

Otherwise click on the 'Qantas home' button to return you to the homepage.

If you are travelling with an infant or have any other special requests, contact your local Qantas Office.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.