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Step 4 - Review

Your selected flights are displayed for your review.

The flights you have selected are shown including flight dates and times, travel class, destinations, departure terminal, flight number and checked baggage information

Flights are displayed for reviewing

Click on 'Change Flights' if you want to change your flight selection.

Change flights button

The Points and Surcharges, Fee and Taxes is shown for all passengers. A tax and points breakdown is also shown.

Points, surcharges, fee and taxes breakdown

For Australian domestic bookings, the charges and taxes can be paid with points.

If the itinerary is eligible for entire redemption with points, you have the option to pay for the surcharges, fees and taxes using credit card or by redeeming points. If you don't have sufficient points, the points payment option is disabled.

When 'Credit Card' is selected, the 'Points' information is greyed out.
When 'Points' is selected, the 'Points and Credit Card' information is greyed out.

Points, surcharges, fee and taxes breakdown

For international bookings, surcharges, fees and taxes must be paid with credit card, so the option to redeem points will not display.

International Award Review Page

Award conditions are listed. They correspond to the Award type, that is, Qantas/Partner Award or oneworld Award.

Award conditions

You can change your travel dates, passenger types and search options, using the 'Your Search' panel on the left hand side of the page

Left hand side search panel

To continue with your selection, tick the acknowledgement check box at the bottom of the page. By doing this you acknowledge that you have read and accept the Fare Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
You can click the links in this panel for more information.

Acknowledge the fare conditions

Once you are happy with your booking, click on the 'Passengers' button at the bottom of the page to enter passenger details.

Step 5 - Passengers