Migrant Connections

Sydney Harbour, Australia

We are pleased to introduce the Qantas Migrant Connections program to you. This program is especially designed for Hong Kong residents who are planning to migrate to Australia to help them make the move more easily and economically.

Once your migrant visa for Australia is approved, purchase your ticket travelling from Hong Kong to Australia on Qantas operated flights and fax us the completed application form. The Qantas Migrant Connections card is free of charge and valid for two years.

Show the Qantas Migrant Connections card at Hong Kong International airport when you check-in for your departure and you will enjoy the benefits immediately. Being a family card, it also covers your spouse and children travelling with you, excluding infants.


Extra check-in baggage allowance*

You are entitled to carry baggage up to a maximum weight of 40kg for travel from Hong Kong to Australia on Qantas flights.

Discount of excess baggage charges^

As a "Qantas Migrant Connections" member, if your check-in baggage weighs more than 40kg, you can enjoy a discount of 25% off the standard excess baggage charge. This applies to Qantas flights departing from Hong Kong to Australia only.


Download the application form, or collect it from your local Qantas office. Fax us the completed form at 2298 8172.

To ensure your card is issued on time, submit your application two weeks before your departure. We will inform you when your card is ready.

To pick up your card, you must show the following documents for verification:

  • Qantas air ticket purchased in Hong Kong for travel from Hong Kong to Australia,+
  • Valid Australian Migrant Visa, and
  • Hong Kong Identity Card.

For further information, call our Hong Kong office on 2298 8188.

* Extra check-in baggage allowance does not apply to Qantas codeshare flights. 
^ The discount rate is subject to change without notice. Discount does not apply to Qantas codeshare flights.
+ Frequent Flyer Award tickets are not eligable.
A handling fee of HK$200 will apply for replacement of lost card.
Qantas reserves the right to amend the above conditions without prior notice.

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