The Spirit of Tomorrow

Commitment to regional Australia


To celebrate our commitment to rural and regional Australia, we launched a series of television commercials starring our very own pilots, cabin crew, customer service officers, engineers and airport staff.

The Spirit of Australia ads were shot across Australia in locations as diverse as Longreach, Kalgoorlie, Mildura, the Engine Test Cell in Sydney and Brisbane's state-of-the-art Hanger 4, and show that Qantas' success is very much the product of our people.

The ads showcased our multi-billion dollar investment in new aircraft, technology and training.

* To view the TV commercials you will need Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime. You can download this software for free from Microsoft or Apple. File size: 1.32Mb. Approximate download times: Cable/ADSL - 40 seconds. 56K modem - 2 minutes.