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Terminals & Facilities


Qantas Freight operates a network of 22 state of the art cargo terminals in 15 cities across Australia plus Los Angeles. These terminals handle not only Qantas and Jetstar, but also 25 international airlines. Together they move more than 850,000 tonnes of annual throughout.

Each terminal offers a variety of services appropriate to local market needs, including: coolrooms and freezers for perishables; warmrooms for tropical fish and other live animals vulnerable to cold weather; strongrooms and safes for secure storage; and dry ice and wet ice for re-icing.

An ongoing improvement program is in place across all terminals, with recent developments including the installation of new iPad Express Check kiosks and associated warehouse equipment in Qantas Freight's international terminals to expedite the import collection process.

Other recent initiatives include:

  • In 2012 the import and export areas of the main Sydney International terminal 1 was completed, improving traffic flow and dramatically reducing customer waiting times.
  • A multi-million dollar re-development of the Melbourne terminal was completed in 2009 that included the establishment of a industry leading temperature controlled airside perishables facility.
  • In mid-2009, Qantas Freight also replaced its fleet of Australian International terminal tugs and forklifts with highly energy efficient units.

In ports where Qantas Freight does not have its own terminal facilities it uses a network of ground handling agents. For more information or to contact your local ground handling agent click here.