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Specialised Air



Whether you need to send salmon to Sydney, bananas to Brisbane, or mangoes to Melbourne, Qantas Freight Australian Domestic offers airport-to-airport air freight services for perishable goods. With facilities in key terminals throughout Australia, Qantas Freight can handle both temperature and time sensitive products, and ensures freighted perishable shipments are priority cleared for acceptance at their destination airport.

Features include:

  • Airport-to-airport freight movement
  • Temperature control facilities at major airport locations
  • Large and small quantities
  • Common items freighted: berries, cheese, flowers, fish, crustaceans, pre-prepared foods and bloodstock

For more information or to book your perishable freight service, contact Qantas Freight Customer Service on 13 12 13.

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Live Animals


Qantas Freight Australian Domestic offers an airport-to-airport service for transport of live animals and pick-up/delivery of animals is not available.

There are strict guidelines regarding the transportation of animals by air. Airlines and transport providers (in consultation with animal welfare agencies and veterinary practitioners) have created these guidelines ensuring your pet travels safely and comfortably.

The carriage of any live animals on aircraft must comply with the current edition of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations.

All pets lodged for transportation Qantas Freight Australian Domestic are subject to our service conditions of carriage.

Air Travel For Pets Should be Carefully Considered

Not all pets are suited to travel via air. There are a number of things you should consider before planning your pet's travel.

Your Pet's Health

Your pet should be fit and healthy and able to cope with being confined for an extended period. An airport is an unfamiliar and noisy environment that can cause animals to become stressed and agitated.

It is strongly advised that you consult your vet before considering transporting your pet by air. They will be able to check your pet's health and assess your pet for air travel.

In some instances you will be required to provide a certificate from your vet confirming that you pet is fit to travel by air. Without these required certificates the animal will only be accepted at owners own risk and at Qantas Freight's discretion.

When to Travel

If your pet is travelling in summer, avoid flights during the middle of the day, and in winter avoid early or late flights in the cooler parts of the day.

Qantas Freight does not recommend transport of animals during extreme weather. If at any stage of the planned journey the temperature is forecast to be above 35-degrees or below 5-degrees. Consider carefully the animal's welfare and the need to transport by air.

Do I Need a Permit?

It is the responsibility of the owner/shipper to make themselves aware of any state quarantine requirements that may restrict transportation of their pet into that state. As state laws and regulations are subject to change we strongly recommend that each time you are planning to travel with your pet that you check the current state rules to confirm if you are affected.

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) provide a Traveller's Guide on Interstate Quarantine.

Decide Who Will Lodge Your Pet

Make a decision on whether you will lodge your pet directly at the Qantas Freight Australian Domestic Terminal or whether you will engage a specialist animal transport service provider to manage the lodgement and pickup of your pet on your behalf. These service providers are listed in the telephone directory or can be found on the internet.

Check the location of the Qantas Freight Australian Domestic Terminal at the airport

The location of the Qantas Freight Australian Domestic Terminal is not always close to the passenger departure and arrival areas in major airports. In some instances the freight terminal is not within easy walking distance of the passenger terminal.

We encourage you to take the time to check the location of the respective terminals in both your port of departure and arrival, so that you can plan how you will lodge your pet and make sure that you can pick up your pet on arrival in a timely manner.

Your pet must be lodged at the Qantas Freight Australian Domestic Terminal a minimum of 90 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure. Pets may not be lodged before this acceptance window. This is to minimise the time that the pet is in the freight terminal where opportunities for hydration, exercise and toileting are limited or do not exist.

If you are unable to satisfy this lodgement requirement, we suggest you consider using one of the specialist animal transport service providers that can undertake this lodgement on your behalf.

Bookings for Live Animal freight services are available Monday to Friday (AEST/AEDT) between the hours of 08:30am-5:30pm and must be raised 1 business day in advance of travel.

For more information click here. Or to book a live animal air freight service within Australia, contact Qantas Freight Domestic (AaE) reservations on 13 12 13.

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Special Movements


Qantas Freight provides airport-to-airport services requiring extra special or unique handling such as freight shipments not conforming to conventional specifications.

Our team will work with you to determine the best way to carry your special freight; the correct route and flight and transport your shipment with the extra care and attention it deserves.

Examples of special movements include:

  • Unusual sized objects which do not fit standard freight pallets or containers
  • Valuable cargo (eg. precious works of art)
  • Band or stage show equipment
  • Movement of animals (eg. horses, pets, zoo animals)
  • Freight requiring accompanying handlers, or couriers accompanying freight onboard
  • Freight with specific criteria for travel (eg. travel on specific aircraft)

For more information or to book your special movement freight service, contact Qantas Freight Customer Service on 13 12 13.

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Air Charter

Whether you are planning a large freight movement or responding to an emergency, Qantas Freight Domestic air charter services encompass the aircraft, equipment and specialised knowledge to meet the most demanding and challenging of requirements. With our extensive fleet and network, we can assist to suit your specific charter needs.

Features include:

  • An unrivalled network and capacity to meet any demand
  • Dedicated ground support for a complete service
  • Use of Qantas Freight's high-security warehousing

For more information or to book your air charter freight service, contact our specialised domestic air freighter team at or Qantas Freight Customer Service on 13 12 13.

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Our airport-to-airport valuable cargo service provides special handling and high security for your high value or security sensitive shipments. Valuable Cargo is accepted by senior acceptance staff and is constantly monitored before being tarmac escorted to the aircraft.

Examples of valuable cargo shipments include:

  • Artwork
  • Bonds
  • Gold and silver bullion
  • Platinum and precious metal
  • Cash
  • Gems & jewellery
  • Bills of exchange

For more information or to book your valuables freight service, contact Qantas Freight Customer Service on 13 12 13.

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Conditions of Carriage

For full terms and conditions under which Qantas Freight Australian Domestic accepts your shipment for carriage click here for details.

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