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Step 3 - Select Flights

Available flights for Award bookings are displayed.

Available seats for all travel classes are shown with the word 'seat'. If there are no seats available 'No Seats' will appear.

Note: Jetstar Business will appear under Business.

Flights out and flights back

Travel classes are colour coded for easy reference.

The flight numbers also have icons to indicate the carrier:

  • Red tail - operated by Qantas,
  • Orange star - operated by Jetstar,
  • oneworld logo - operated by a oneworld airline,
  • Green square - operated by an airline other than Qantas,
  • Blue triangle - operated by a Qantas partner airline.
Key to flight symbols

If you click on the flight number a pop up box will appear that shows:

  • The airline that operates the flight,
  • Departure and arrival cities and terminals,
  • If you will be served a meal onboard,
  • If the flight has any scheduled stopovers,
  • The total flight time, and
  • The type of aircraft you will be travelling on.
Flight information

Flights QF1-QF399 depart from the international terminal; flights QF400 and above depart from the domestic terminal. In Sydney, flights QF400-QF1599 depart from Terminal 3 and flights QF1600 and above depart from Terminal 2.

To make your selection, click on the radio button next to the available seat for the flight you want. If you have requested a return flight, make sure you select both a Flight Out and a Flight Back. For Multi-city bookings, you need to make a selection for all flights in your itinerary.

The 'Your Flights' itinerary panel displays your trip as you select your flights. It is updated each time a flight is added to the itinerary.
The 'Your Flights' panel shows:

  • Flight number, such as Flight 1, Flight 2, as selected on the search page,
  • Departure date of each flight,
  • Departure and arrival city of each flight, including via points where applicable,
  • Flight number and departure terminal information,
  • Travel class.

The points needed for your itinerary will be displayed when you have selected all of your flights. The total is for everyone travelling in the itinerary and includes any discounts (if applicable). It excludes taxes and charges, which are shown on the review page. The total points box also contains a link to the Award conditions.

Total points needed for the itinerary

You can change your travel dates, passenger types and search options, using the 'Your Search' panel on the left hand side of the page.

Left hand side search panel

Once you have made your selection, click on the 'Review' button at the bottom of the page to review your selection. If you are not happy with your selection, click on the 'Start Again' button, to go back to the page you started your booking from.

Step 4 - Review