Our approach

The objective of procurement in Qantas is to maximise shareholder value from all significant supplier relationships. This is achieved through a disciplined, systematic and ongoing process for achieving reliable and ethical supply of externally purchased goods and services, whilst reducing the total costs and maintaining or improving levels of quality, service and technology.

The Qantas Group procures significant quantities of goods and services ranging from stationery to aircraft. The diversity of the products, markets and regulatory systems associated with these purchases can potentially expose the Group to legal, financial, operational and commercial risks. As more than 60% of our revenue is spent with suppliers, rigour in our procurement processes, practices and dealings with suppliers is essential for strong sustainable business results and relationships with our key suppliers.

Qantas' Procurement Policy aims to ensure that in all procurement activities:

  • Qantas obtains goods and services that meet specification and are delivered on time at internationally competitive prices from financially stable suppliers.
  • Qantas obtains best value for money on a total cost basis.
  • Consistent procurement processes are followed in accordance with Qantas policies.
  • Commercial, financial, legal, sustainability and operational risks are reduced.

Supplier Relationship Management is effective, collaborative and focussed on win-win outcomes.

The Qantas Procurement document* sets out Qantas' position in the following key areas:

  • Supplier / Qantas Relationships
  • The Way We Buy
  • The Approval Process
  • Our Ethics
  • Paying Suppliers
  • Supplier Endorsement
  • Supplier Requirements and Supplier Code of Conduct*
  • Interest in becoming a Supplier to Qantas

Supplier requirements

Suppliers are required to comply with these Supplier Requirements.*

Under Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation in all jurisdictions, Qantas has an obligation to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all persons working in and present at Qantas premises or other workplaces controlled by Qantas (Qantas Sites).

Suppliers are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of their officers, employees, agents and contractors (and their employees or contractors) as well as the health and safety of others, including Qantas employees, customers, visitors and other contractors and suppliers, when present at Qantas Sites.

Qantas has developed OHS Requirements to provide Suppliers with an overview of their responsibilities in relation to occupational health and safety while present on Qantas Sites.

In relation to OHS, all Qantas Suppliers and their Personnel must as a minimum comply with:

  • Applicable occupational health and safety legislation, regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards
  • The OHS Requirements component of the Supplier Requirements, when present at Qantas Sites

Depending upon the nature of the goods or services being supplied in each case, Qantas may provide more specific OHS requirements relating to the provision of those particular goods or services.

Further, Qantas requires its Suppliers and their Personnel to comply with other requirements regarding Standards of Personal Behaviour, Equal Opportunity, Harassment and Bullying, Theft, Attempted Theft, Fraud, Attempted Fraud or Removal of Property, in particular circumstances. These requirements are also set out in the Supplier Requirements.

There has been a recent change to the Supplier Requirements. This was necessary due to the newly regulated requirements of the Australian Air Navigation Regulations for random drug and alcohol testing.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Qantas Group is committed to ensuring that its procurement practices are transparent, fair and responsible and uphold high standards of integrity and honesty. With a multi-billion dollar annual procurement spend and thousands of suppliers, we are a major purchaser of a wide range of goods and services and recognise that our responsibility extends to the focussed and professional management of our supply chain.

The Qantas Group Supplier Code of Conduct* establishes our expectations of suppliers, and their supply chain, in providing goods and services to the Qantas Group.

Standard Purchase Order Terms

View the Qantas Standard Purchase Order Terms.*


If you are interested in a career in Procurement within the Qantas Group and have the relevant experience and skills, visit Qantas Careers.

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